The position of a Head Tournament Director is bestowed upon any Tournament Director who meets the following requirements and subject to approval by the Head Administrator:

1) Having hosted 30 tournaments in The Social Club.
2) Showing a thorough knowledge of the special games.
3) Exhibiting the ability to run Swiss, Double Elimination, and Team tournaments.
4) Any Administrator or Head Tournament Director in The Social Club will not be permitted to be a Tournament Director in another league.

Responsibilities of Head Tournament Directors

1) They must be willing to take over for a Tournament Director who leaves the tournament due to circumstances beyond their control.
2) They must be willing to undertake the training of new Tournament Directors.
3) They are required to host at least ten tournaments per month.
4) If a Head Tournament Director sees that the Tournament Director who set up the tournament is a no-show, then they are to use their own judgment... do they start that tournament? Or do they create one of their own and run it instead? It is up to the Head Tournament Director.
5) A Head Tournament Director is at NO time to consider themselves to be the "boss" of a Tournament Director.
6) Must be willing to assist with questions from Tournament Directors as well as other players.
7) Complete all duties of a Tournament Director.


Tournament Directors

1) Tournament Directors are expected to run tournaments in a professional and timely manner and without the interference of other Tournament Directors, Head Tournament Directors, or Administrators.
2) They are expected to make the rules of the tournament clear to all players.
3) They must host at least eight tournaments per month. Any Tournament Director failing to meet this requirement will be placed on "vacation" status and will not be permitted to create a tournament until they contact an Administrator.
4) Failure to host a tournament after 30 days will result in removal of Tournament Director Status. The only exception to this removal of status is having contacted an Administrator, and being placed on Active - Exempt.


Tournament Standards and Practices

The Tournament Director in charge of the tournament is expected to maintain control of the tournament.

1) They are expected to keep order in the lounge whenever they are setting up the tables. If necessary, remind members to keep chat at a minimum and not to issue ladder challenges within 10 minutes of the scheduled start of a tournament.
2) They are not to delay the start of a tournament more than ONE round of the preceding tournament (if the previous tournament is in the final round, they may delay the start of their tournament for 5 minutes, giving those players a chance to join, then start the tournament no later than 5 minutes after the hour and clock the players in that other tournament). Tournament Directors hosting consecutive tournaments are expected to work together to make sure that no member is in two tournaments at one time. Members are to be given the option of continuing in the current tourney and being withdrawn from the next tourney or being disqualified from the current tourney to be able to play in the next. The exception to this rule is if the current tourney is in the finals as previously stated.
3) Clocking of a missing player will start when the other players have taken their seats at the table. The clock is NOT to be paused until the Tournament Director sees that player in their assigned seat. The clock will not be off just because a player comes back into the lounge and says they are back. Only when they are seated at their table or that game is finished is the clock to be off. Clocking of a seated player who appears to be having trouble will start when that player's name disappears from the table. Clocking will be 5 minutes TOTAL for any given tournament NO MATTER WHAT TYPE, single elimination, double elimination or swiss style. If a player has played part of a game, and the game is over, that player is "off the clock" until he/she is called to their next table. When the other three players are seated then the clock will resume on the missing player. If a player has not played even ONE card in a game, and the game is over before the 5 minutes has expired, that player is disqualified from the tournament. Team tournament players are never to be clocked except in the event that both players are missing and then the clock starts on the last of the team to "poof". The clock is off when either of the team members returns to their seat.
4) In special games the 2 PT penalty rule for errors applies per player not per team. Only the four players involved in the game are permitted to call "error"; neither the Tournament Director in charge nor watchers at the table are permitted to.Table talk in special games will be considered an error and the 2PT penalty will be invoked at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director in charge. Tournament Directors are URGED to make the rules clear and to make sure that the players know that if they have a question involving the rules they are to direct their question in the lounge to the Tournament Director in charge.
5) If a Tournament Director is a player in a tournament, they are not to assume the role of Tournament Director. If they have a suggestion for the Tournament Director in charge or have observed something that the Tournament Director in charge has missed, they are to contact them on instant messenger. Never is it permitted for a Tournament Director or Head Tournament Director to assume the role of Tournament Director or Head Tournament Director in another's tournament UNLESS they are specifically asked by name, to help out. Administrators, on the other hand, are permitted to use their own judgment if a situation arises where it appears that the Tournament Director in charge is in need of support. Again, the exception being if the Tournament Director in charge disappears then any Head Tournament Director on site must take over. If there is no Head Tournament Director on site, then any Tournament Director may look at the Standings and take over the tournament. As soon as the Tournament Director in charge reappears, they must step down and allow the Tournament Director in charge to resume their duties.
6) Members who live in the same household or who are playing from the same physical location are not to be permitted to request each other as partners or to ladder each other. This includes Team Tournaments in which they are not permitted to set up a team with each other as partners. However, if they are paired (randomly) as partners by Cases they will be permitted to be partners if called to the table by the Tournament Director as partners.
7) Members are not permitted to ladder family members who do not live with them more than twice a week.
8) Any player who refuses to finish a tournament for which they have registered will be "boxed". This is at TD discretion. If the TD determines that the player is in the lounge but refusing to finish the game, the TD will notify an administrator and the member will be boxed for "unsportsmanlike conduct".
9) If you see anyone flagrantly overstepping the limits set in the above standards, do NOT take it upon yourself to reprimand this person. Contact an Administrator. The Administrator that you contact will discuss this with the other Administrators and a decision will be made.

Responsibilities of Members

In joining a league such as The Social Club, an individual has placed themselves voluntarily under a hierarchy of authority. A member is accountable to this authority for their actions anytime they enter the league's lounge.

1) Respect for other players is expected at all times.
2) Members are never permitted to have more than ONE account.
3) Do not bring a bad attitude or a grudge to a tournament.
4) Do not accuse any player of cheating unless you have CONCRETE proof and even then take your proof to an Administrator, in private.
5) Do not at any time argue with or challenge the authority of a Tournament Director. If you have a problem please contact an administrator in private.
6) Be on time for the tournaments and go to your table the first time you are called.
7) Limit the use of instant messengers during tournaments out of respect for the other players and the time-frame that the Tournament Director has in which to finish the tournament.
8) Be an example of good sportsmanship.
9) A member of The Social Club is never permitted to go into another lounge at Hardwood and advertise for the league with out permission from that league. Members of The Social Club who are also members of another league are never permitted to advertise the other league in The Social Club’s lounge without permission from the administration.

Reg.  STD Game Rules


First person called sets table.

5 min MIA, if you are not there a sub will be used.

If you return before 5 minutes is up,

you can have your seat. If not, you will be DQ.

Notify the TD of any problems or missing players.

Don't report wins/loses, the Td will do that for you.

 Do Not Leave A Game in Progress.

Table settings are = STD and timer on.


Special Recognition and Awards

There are four medals that Cases allows the Head Administrator to bestow upon players.
1) Tournament of Champions
2) Battle of the Sexes
3) Golden Assistance
4) Blue Cross of Sportsmanship
Unfortunately, these medals can only be awarded to Platinum or Diamond members.
Golden Assistance: ANY Tournament Director, Head Tournament Director, or Administrator who would like to nominate another member to receive the Golden Assistance medal send an email to all the Administrators, clearly stating the reasons and citing examples as to why you wish to see this member receive the award. All letters will be reviewed by the Administrators and if any action is deemed to be necessary, the Administrators will let the Head Administrator know of the action to be taken.
Sportsmanship Medal: ANY member who would like to nominate another member to receive the Sportsmanship medal, send an email to all the Administrators, clearly stating the reasons and citing examples as to why you wish to see this member receive this award. All letters will be reviewed by the Administrators and if any action is deemed to be necessary, the Head Administrator will award the medals.



The intention of the Administrators of The Social Club is to maintain a league with an atmosphere of sportsmanship competition, relaxation, and FUN! However, unfortunately, from time to time you will encounter Euchre players who have a problem dealing with the rules of good sportsmanship and authority. Whenever you join the league you are placing yourself voluntarily under the authority of the Administrators of the league. Any individual who cannot follow the guidelines of the league should not become a member of the league. The Administrators of the league have the right and authority given to them by Cases to administer discipline in the form of "boxing", "kicking", "silentsing" and "banning" players. If a player is guilty of spamming for another league in The Social Club lounge or spamming another league's lounge for The Social Club, unsportsmanlike conduct, or abusive conduct toward to another member, any Administrator has the right to immediately "mute"; and "box " a player for up to seven days. The Administrators will then review the offense and determine together if the offense warrants a longer period of time in the penalty box, removal from the league, or removal and banning from the league.



Cases permit ONE account per member. Duplicate accounts are periodically purged by the Administration. Administration will attempt to contact the player who appears to have a duplicate account. If Administration does not receive a response and a legitimate explanation of the duplicate account then BOTH accounts will be purged. The only acceptable explanation for a duplicate account is two people who live in the same household and share an internet connection.


Message Forum

The Message Forum's purpose in this league is to provide fun and encouragement to the members. Any member may use the message forum for announcements, jokes, or encouragement to another member. The message forum is never to be used for the purpose of airing disputes with members or administrators. If a member has a dispute or a problem then that member needs to review the correct course of action as stated above in this document. It is the sole right and responsibility of any founder of this league to remove inappropriate messages from the message forum.